Mission and Vision

P.S. 209 Vision

P.S. 209 serves as the anchor to future academic success through implementing coherent rigorous instructional practices, creating a safe and nurturing environment, and fostering a collaborative community that will establish each student’s path towards a love of learning and college and career readiness.

Focus Priority

P.S. 209’s educational priority is to continue to implement systems and structures to strengthen the instructional core through advanced literacy strategies by providing purposeful, culturally responsive learning opportunities for all students in a safe and nurturing environment. Integrating advanced literacy strategies into our instructional core will result in improved student outcomes (accelerate learning and instruction). This will be accomplished through the alignment of units to the advanced literacies, purposeful planning, data analysis through cycles of inquiry, collaborative communities, open ended tasks and strong family community relationships.

Theory of Action/ Instructional Focus

If teachers use the Conditions of Learning to plan and implement instruction focused on teaching students to use evidence to support their thoughts, reactions and opinions to what they read and what they write, then the students will read, think and explain their ideas, using textual evidence to anchor their thoughts, resulting in a positive impact on student achievement across all academic areas.

PS 209 Offers:

•Pre-K through 2nd Grade
•High achievement scores in reading and math
•Special Education services
•English as a New Language services
•Residencies in art, dance and music
•Technology in every classroom